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10 rue de la Sausse,
31240 Saint-Jean
Région : Occitanie
Pays : France

Conception, développement et fabrication de machines électriques (moteur, générateur, actionneur) sur mesure pour applications exigeantes.

TEM designs and manufactures in small volume custom motors for very demanding applications
Through a system approach, TEM brings a differentiator by considering all the contributor inputs. This leads to a global optimum.
TEM designs and manufactures custom products according to the constrains of each industries: military aviation, drones, car racing, special cars, agricultural, boats…
TEM, thanks to its long experience in automotive field, has a strong expertise in designing for reliability, manufacturing and cost.
TEM has acquired a strong experience in aeronautics (DO160, MIL-STD) where the production volume is low, but safety and performance are key.
Design: TEM brings support to its Customers for trade-off studies, specification, preliminary design
Development: TEM develops rotating machines for prototyping and serial production (Justification dossier, manufacturability, qualification)
Manufacturing: TEM manufactures rotating machines in BTS and BTP, from 1 to 1000 units/year and can support Customers in industrial transfer. TEM has strong experience in U-PIN winding, VPI impregnation, copper TIG welding dedicated to high performance machines.